The Agisters of Asolade

4 Nuzyael 720 TR

Weather: Cool with clear skies in the morning and afternoon; cold with clear skies overnight. Light winds from the northwest.

Activity: The characters met in Jedes at mid-morning as planned. They were approached on the common road by the sergeant of the keep garrison who was friendly enough once he determined that they were local folk and not mercenaries or some other sort of riff-raff. He related to Kalas that there were no positions available in the Jedes garrison, but that it would be worth Kalas’ while to check in occasionally. A trio of wagons on the common turned out to be a traveling circus that was just setting up. (Look – a trained bear!) A brief stop at the inn allowed Aledra to barter a free meal in exchange for some fresh rabbit meat for the stewpot. Kalas bought a round of drinks to quench everyone’s thirst and a brief conversation with the innkeeper revealed that aside from the circus, the only traveler currently in town was a nobleman who had left the inn a short time ago. Aledra and Kalas stopped by the hideworker’s shop to sell some rabbit hides while Harlin and Lysha wandered to Master Iriel’s stable. Once they arrived, they found the nobleman completing a transaction with the ostler. Unfortunately for Master Iriel, the nobleman insisted that the four horses he had purchased be delivered to the Baron of Zutlin just south of Tashal, something the ostler did not have time for with the Horse Fair fast approaching. After the nobleman left, Harlin chatted with the Master Iriel and secured a short employment contract for the characters. They are to collect the horses from Master Iriel tomorrow morning and deliver them to Zutlin; the ostler provided Harlin with four shillings for travel expenses and will pay the characters’ wages (12d for Harlin, 6d for each of the others) when they return with the Baron’s note for payment. The characters then returned to Yalen to overnight with the families of Aledra and Lysha.



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