The Agisters of Asolade

5 Nuzyael 720 TR

Weather: Cool and partly cloudy in the morning; cool with light rain in the afternoon and overnight. Light winds from the southwest.

Activity: The characters were up with the sun and made the short walk from Yalen to Jedes in good time. Master Iriel had a last few words of advice for Harlin while the apprentices readied the horses for travel and then the characters were off. The road northeast from Jedes followed the River Kald through the villages of Belgie, Deshines, and Yeashim without incident. However, as the characters approached the River Arguna ford it became apparent that the journey would not be as uneventful as they hoped. Aledra, Kalas, and Lysha all heard some bird calls on the north side of the ford as the characters began to cross; Aledra realized that the “bird” calls were not being made by birds. As Kalas moved across the ford to investigate and Lysha covered him with her bow, Aledra engaged in a little reconnaissance by throwing rocks at different clumps of bushes, eventually startling someone. Kalas threatened that particular clump of bushes with his spear and two brigands showed themselves, followed shortly by a third. A brief conversation followed in which the brigand leader and Kalas each tried to convince the other of the futility of resistance before Lysha took matters into her own hands and planted an arrow in the center of the brigand leader’s chest. Aledra sent a second arrow into his shoulder and he fell to the ground as his two underlings fled. Two other brigands hiding in another clump of bushes made to attack Kalas, but he felled the first one easily with a spear thrust to the hip and the second decided to retreat. Unfortunately for him, Lysha second bowshot of the day struck him square in the chest as well. Kalas trussed up the wounded brigand and applied a crude bandage to his hip while Aledra and Lysha checked the other two. A few items of value were recovered – mostly weapons – but both brigands were dead (or died as the two women retrieved their arrows). After a short interrogation, Kalas decided to release the surviving brigand with a curt suggestion that he consider an alternate career path and the characters then continued north, leaving the two corpses for the wolves.

The rest of the day’s journey passed quietly and the rain-soaked characters arrived in Forean as the sun was starting to set. The first group of villagers encountered were quite leery of the well-armed characters and suggested that they see the beadle in the village if they weren’t passing through. The beadle collected a toll (which Kalas remembered as legitimate from his previous trip to Tashal) and recommended a free farmer by the name of Teribir al Werl who sometimes let travelers stay in his barn. Teribir did offer the characters lodging as well as a meal and fodder for the horses; during the meal the characters learned that the brigand leader was a yeoman’s son originally from Forean named Raet who had caused enough trouble in Habimas to warrant a five shilling bounty on his head (regardless of whether or not it was still attached to his body). Perhaps fearing repercussions from the villagers or Raet’s family, Kalas was careful to not reveal that the characters had already killed him, although Lysha almost let the cat out of the bag with a comment under her breath about at least one of Raet’s “men” actually being a boy.

In the morning, the characters took their leave of Teribir. Kalas returned to the village proper briefly to speak with the beadle regarding the proper way to claim the bounty on Raet; he was told that the brigand or his head would have to be presented to the baron in the town of Kolorn or the bailiff of the hundred in the village of Habimas. Kalas then caught up to the others and a discussion regarding if, when, and how to claim the reward ensued.

Harlin’s 48d for expenses was reduced by 3d for the toll and 12d for the night at Teribir’s farm, leaving 33d. Aledra and Kalas each earned four skill development points, Harlin earned one, and Lysha earned two.


I really feel that we need to go for the reward on Raet. I think we should split up into two teams (boy/girl). One team continues on with the horses. Harlin would be obvious choice for that. The other team goes back and grabs the head and hurries to catch up with the other team. Its just too much money to pass up.. Thoughts?
Lysha/Sarah/Keystroke/ AKA Tab :-)

5 Nuzyael 720 TR

Here’s a suggestion: Harlin and Lysha continue on with the horses while Kalas and Aledra go back to the ford. The thought process behind those pairings is that as Tab mentioned, Harlin is the obvious choice to go with the horses. Aledra’s hunting and tracking experience will be of use in the woods, especially if trailing the brigands back to their lair is necessary for some reason. Tab’s right… it IS too much money to pass up!


5 Nuzyael 720 TR

I hope this doesn’t encourage some sort of standard operating procedure that involves the characters collecting heads from everyone they kill in the future as a contingency measure…

5 Nuzyael 720 TR

I agree with that pairing. Especially since it was implied the brigands hide out wasn’t too far from where we fought them. I’m good with the plan now to convince Vince :-).

Yep Chris you probably have opened a can of worms with this reward challenge lol. Carol maybe you could barter that bow for a nice big leather bag for all the heads that we can collect ;-P


5 Nuzyael 720 TR

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