The Agisters of Asolade

6 Nuzyael 720 TR

Weather: Cool with heavy rain in the morning and afternoon; cold with light rain overnight. Light winds from the northwest.

Activity: The characters were roused early by Teribir and his son as they began the morning chores in the barn. After collecting their (somewhat drier) possessions and the horses, the characters moved out to the road and a discussion ensued regarding whether or not to claim the substantial bounty on Raet. Eventually, the characters agreed to split into two groups. Harlin and Lysha would continue on with the horses while Aledra and Kalas would return to the ford, take Raet’s head, and then try to catch up.

Aledra and Kalas made the ford in good time considering the weather and were pleased to find that Raet’s body was still there. More importantly, his face was intact – apparently the ravens hadn’t found him yet. They used a hatchet taken from one of the other brigands to severe his head and made a makeshift sack for it from his tunic after dunking both in the river to remove as much of the blood as possible. The walk back to Forean was likewise quick in spite of the rain. As they entered the village, the beadle expressed surprise at seeing them pass through again and curiosity at the contents of the makeshift sack. He charged them the toll (two farthings) and asked to see the contents after noticing a splotch of blood on the fabric. Reluctantly, Aledra opened the sack and revealed Raet’s head, much to the astonishment of the beadle. Once he recovered from his shock, he suggested that they see the bailiff of Forean, since presenting the head at Kolorn would only result in someone being summoned from Forean to identify Raet anyway.

The bailiff was largly uninterested in the matter, but once satisfied by the beadle that the head did belong to the brigand, instructed his chamberlain to pay the bounty to the characters on behalf of the Baron. The chamberlain did so and much to the characters’ pleasant surprise, even proved to have paid the full amount when they later counted the coin. Aledra and Kalas left Forean after a final warning by the beadle – while Raet’s clan was ashamed of him, they might still resent the mutilation of his body and it would be best if the characters passed quickly through Forean on their return trip. Aledra and Kalas managed to make Kolorn by nightfall and found a room at the only inn in town. The warm bath, food, and bed felt good after two rainy days on the road, even given the exhorbitant price of 6d paid for them.

Meanwhile, Harlin and Lysha also made good time on the road north. Their only encounter of the day was a simple peddler whose handcart had become stuck in the mud. They helped him free it and in gratitude he offered the kind young “couple” a fresh cherry pie that he’d purchased just that morning. The characters then continued on and made Ternua with the sun still in the sky. After paying the toll to cross the bridge over the River Nephen, they found the local inn and arranged stabling for the horses and a space on the common room floor for themselves. Harlin also spent some time getting to know the ostler, Master Tind al Ress.

Aledra and Kalas each earned one skill development point. Harlin spent a total of 17d, leaving only 16d of the funds provided by Master Iriel.



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