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  • Forms of Address

    *Warning!* Society in the Kingdom of Kaldor is not egalitarian or inclusive. Nobles, be they good or bad, expect deference and respect from their social inferiors. Being rude, falling to make way, or otherwise showing disrespect to a noble will …

  • Asolade Hundred Gazateer

    *All of these locations (except Bilby) are shown on the Asolade Hundred map:* *Andrake:* A stone manor house and a nearby village, both held by Lord Mazerony from the Earl of Balim. *Asolade:* A stone manor house and a nearby village, both …

  • Asolade Hundred Calendar

    Campaign start date: 3 Nuzyael 720 TR Campaign current date: 6 Nuzyael 720 TR

    Season Months
    Spring Nuzyael, Peonu, Kelen
    Summer Nolus, Larane, Agrazhar
  • Military Ranks and Organization

    _Officer Ranks_ *Hethrin*: captain (always noble), customarily one per garrison or other unit *Hulhurin*: lieutenant (usually noble), customarily one per troop type or other sub-unit _Common Ranks_ *Armolarin*: sergeant-at-arms (senior NCO, " …

  • Races

    *Humans* Humans are the dominant race on Harn. They live on every part of the island both in tributary and feudal kingdoms and in nomadic tribes; civilized Harnians often refer to the tribesmen as "barbarians". The predominant human sub-races are * …

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