Aledra al Lunn

Who am I?

You are Aledra of Clan Lunn. You will see your twenty-second winter this year. You could have been a hideworker like your father or a housewife like your mother, but the outdoor life called to you. You and your brother have been following your Uncle Barth into the woods since your early teens and have been taught to hunt and track by him.

Who are my family?

Your father is Halyr al Lunn, a master hideworker in the village of Yalen. He tans hides and makes shoes, boots, and leather clothing. Your father made most of what you wear. Your mother is Lelyn. You have a twin brother, Gorrys, and two younger sisters. Tarissa is nearly nineteen and betrothed to the woodcrafter’s apprentice. Mysha is seventeen, pretty, and shy. You also have two other brothers. Rayal is fifteen. Unlike you and Gorrys, he wanted to follow in your father’s profession; he has already left home. As is customary, he has been apprenticed to another hideworker in the village of Bory. Your youngest brother is Takaryn; he is only seven.

Where am I from?

You were born and raised in the village of Yalen in Asolade Hundred, part of Oselshire in the Kingdom of Kaldor. Yalen is a small village of only sixteen households, plus the nobles up at the manor. Yalen lies on the south bank of the mighty River Kald. It’s a short walk to the town of Jedes. Your family is one of four free families in the village; the others are the woodcrafter and two yeomen. The remaining residents are peasant farmers, good folk in the main, but tied to the land. The Lord of Yalen is now Sir Alarn al Orteyan. He inherited the fief over the winter upon the death of his father, Sir Danard. You grew up in Yalen and know everyone by name.

Who are my friends?

You and your twin brother have been friends with Lysha al Rakath since you were all children. Like you, she’s the eldest child of a large family. Lysha is brown-haired and green-eyed and is a few months older than you. Her father is a yeoman; he provides military service to the lord of Yalen in return for his land. He serves as an archer using the short forest bow that is common across the hundred. Lysha has always been a tomboy. Her father thought she’d grow out of playing yeoman, but she didn’t.

While out setting snares over the winter Gorrys fell into the Kald; he misjudged the edge of the river in the snow. Kalas al Delsin, a yeoman’s son from Novelim (the manor of Sir Alarn’s liege about one league downstream) hauled him out. Wet, freezing, and caught in the middle of a fierce blizzard, he probably saved Gorrys’ life. Both Kalas and Gorrys spent a month in your father’s house recuperating. Unfortunately, the cold was deep in Gorrys’ chest and he still haven’t recovered. It’s possible that he never will. However, Kalas is a decent fellow and you enjoy his company.

What can I do?

Over the years you have picked up some skills from your father and mother – you can skin and tan hides as well as cook – but you have learned most from your uncle. You can forage for food. You know the tracks and spoor of local animals like deer, bear, boar, badger, and fox. You can make shelter and fire in the woods and fletch arrows. You are young, fit, and strong-willed.

What do I own?

You own the clothes that you’re wearing: a homespun wool tunic and a leather cowl, greatcoat, breeches, gauntlets, and calf boots. Your leather clothing was provided by your father; your gauntlets are made from the skin of young wild boar that you and Gorrys killed while the remaining leather garments are all made from the skin of local cattle.

You own a spear, a dagger, a short forest bow, and a quiver containing twelve arrows. You have three rabbits, caught, skinned, and gutted just today. Their fur and flesh can be bartered. A leather pouch tied to your belt contains your monetary wealth, one silver penny. It also contains a good flint and some tinder. A rough canvas sack contains spare clothes – a second wool tunic and a pair of wool breeches – and a blanket.

Where am I going?

You helped your uncle for many years. He acted as huntsman for Sir Danard and you and Gorrys helped as beaters. Unfortunately, Sir Danard died over the winter. Shortly after his death, his son, Sir Alarn, summoned all of you to the manor to tell you that he no longer required your services. Your uncle has since found work in Yeashim, but the lord of Yeashim wanted only one hunter. A discussion with your father and uncle has resulted in your planned departure for Jedes. It’s the largest settlement around and there’s a market tomorrow – work may be available.

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© Neil Thompson, edited by JS.

Aledra al Lunn

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