House Rules

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Page Optional Rule(s) In Use
Skills 2 Specialties (customized, see below)
Skills 7 Skill Decline, SMP / Will Variant
Skills 12 Reading Music
Skills 18 Experience Option, Veteran Option
Physician 2 Bloodloss, Diagnosis
Psionics 4 Passive Triggering, Joint Invocation
Combat 3 Custom Weapons
Combat 9 Tangle Attacks
Combat 12 Weapon Damage (customized, see below), Partial Damage
Combat 14 Limb Injuries, Amputations, Bleeders
Combat 15 Catch Missile
Combat 16 Encumbrance Option, Restricted Missile Ranges, Bows and Precipitation, Bows and Air Temperature
Combat 17 Random Aspect
Combat 23 Polearm Defense
Combat 26 Joust Tactics
Heroic Gaming 1 Accurate Aiming, Two-Weapon Fighting, Experienced Parrying, Battlelore
Heroic Gaming 3 Petty Magic
Heroic Gaming 4 Fate and Luck Points, Gall Bonus Points, Piety Points by Questing

SPECIALTIES (customized)

Skill Group Skills Without Specializations
Physical Climbing, Condition, Jumping, Skiing, Stealth, Swimming, Throwing
Communication Awareness, Intrigue, Language, Mental Conflict, Oratory, Ritual, Script
Combat Battlelore, Dodge, Initiative, Riding, Unarmed
Craft / Lore (none)
Skill Group Skills That Require Specializations (after ML 40)
Physical Acrobatics, Dancing, Legerdemain
Communication Acting, Lovecraft, Musician, Rhetoric, Singing
Combat (all weapons)
Craft / Lore (all)

WEAPON DAMAGE (customized)

A weapon does not break upon failing a weapon damage check. Instead, its weapon quality is reduced by one. A weapon is in obvious need of repair when its weapon quality has been reduced by one-third and irreparable when its weapon quality has been reduced by two-thirds. A weapon breaks when its weapon quality is reduced to zero.


Additional Skill [training period] Group Attributes Sunsign OML
Battlelore [first use] Combat STA INT WIL (none) SB x 1
Hunting [first use] Craft / Lore AGL SML INT Ula / Ara + 2 SB x 2
Trapping [one month] Craft / Lore AGL DEX EYE Ula / Ara + 2 SB x 2
Base Skill Specialization Method Additional Specializations
Acting (by style)
Animalcraft (by animal type) Falconry, Ratcraft
Fishing (by method or fish or water type) Whaling
Rhetoric (by method of interaction) Bargaining, Bluffing
Hunting (by animal or habitat type) Sealing
Trapping (by animal or habitat type)

House Rules

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