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I was first exposed to Harn by a clerk’s recommendation at Merlin’s Books in Tampa in 1994 and I fell in love immediately. Sadly, it’s always been hard to find a group willing to play in such a highly-detailed but low-fantasy world.

A couple of years ago, I came across some fanon – the fanon resources for Harn are incredible – by Neil Thompson from merry old England. His work provided incredible detail about Asolade Hundred in Kaldor, long one of my favorite parts of Harn. It also provided some excellent characters to help new players develop a feel for the historically-accurate tone of a Harn campaign. And times have changed since ’94; the Internet makes finding fellow gamers so much easier now.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time turning Neil’s work into a personalized campaign (with a promise to him to send along my playtesting results) and I’m looking forward to introducing some new players to the love of my life. (Well, one of them at any rate.) You don’t need to know anything about Harn or the HarnMaster system. You just need to enjoy role-playing…

Some useful information:

Asolade Hundred Birth Tables
Asolade Hundred Calendar
Asolade Hundred Gazateer (Also check out the Asolade Hundred map.)
Forms of Address
House Rules
Military Ranks and Organization
Notable NPC’s

The player characters:

Aledra al Lunn (RavenLikesShinyThings)
Gorrys al Lunn (unused)
Harlin al Kleve (Insulsus, temporarily)
Kalas al Delsin (RedDog, temporarily)
Lysha al Rakath (sarahdroon)

A sample non-player character:

Taram al Abrall

Main Page

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