Lysha al Rakath

Pre-generated PC (unused)


Artwork © Richard Luscheck.

The below information is visible to all:

Occupation Yeoman’s daughter
Title (none)
Birth and Family Data
Species Human
Gender Female
Sexuality Hetero
Birthdate Halane 23, 698 (21 winters)
Sunsign Tarael
Birthplace Yalen (Asolade Hundred), Jedes (Oselshire), Kaldor
Culture Feudal
Social class Unguilded
Sibling rank Eldest of five
Parent Father (yeoman) and mother both alive and together
Estrangement Popular
Clanhead Uncle
Height 5 feet 8 inches (68 inches)
Frame Medium
Weight 10 stone 13 pounds (153 pounds)
Size 6
Complexion Medium
Hair Dark brown, wavy and below the shoulders
Eyes Green
Comeliness 10 / Average

Lysha al Rakath

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