Taram al Abrall

Who am I?
You are Taram of Clan Abrall, also known as Taram the Younger. You will see your twentieth winter this year. You worked for the bailiff of Belgie Manor as a falconer until his last falcon died of natural causes this past winter.

Who are my family?
Your father is Taram al Abrall, or Taram the Elder as people call him to avoid confusing the two of you. He is a yeoman and the beadle of the village of Belgie. Your father is an archer, but can see little beyond fifty yards, squints constantly, and is a terrible shot. However, he is a skillful wrestler, a formidable boxer, and quite efficient at keeping the peace. Your mother’s name is Molle and you have one sibling, a younger brother named Rolf. He has been learning to shoot a bow just as you did when you were his age.

Where am I from?
You were born and raised in the village of Belgie in Asolade Hundred, part of Oselshire in the Kingdom of Kaldor. Belgie is a small village of only eighteen households. It lies on the south bank of the mighty River Kald; in fact, the edge of the manor house’s wooden palisade is gradually slipping into the water as the riverbank erodes. The town of Jedes is only a short walk away. Your family is one of four free families in the village; the others are the metalsmith, the woodcrafter, and another yeoman. The remaining residents are peasant farmers, good folk in the main, but tied to the land. Belgie is ruled by a bailiff, Sir Tobris al Vaen. You grew up in Belgie and know everyone by name.

Who are my friends?

What can I do?
You’ve worked on your family’s farm all your life; you know the seasons, the crops, and the animals. You also know a good bit about handling and training falcons and hawks, as well as how to make a bird’s furniture (the accessories it requires such as a hood and jesses). You can shoot a bow and fletch your own arrows. You also have some knowledge of hunting and tracking and, after years of roughhousing with your father and brother, you’ve become a good wrestler.

What do I own?
You own the clothes you’re wearing: a wool cap, vest, tunic, and breeches as well as a leather jack, bracers, gloves, and calf boots. You have a shortbow, a quiver with a dozen arrows, and a dagger. A leather pouch tied to your belt holds a good flint and some tinder while a second hung around your neck holds four silver pennies. You carry a sack with your spare clothes – another wool tunic and breeches – plus a blanket.

Where am I going?
You worked for Sir Tobris for several years, but he has no immediate plans to rebuild his mews. You’d like to see more of the world and you know that noblemen will pay good coin for both trained birds of prey and nestlings. Jedes is the largest settlement for many leagues around and there is a market four times a month. The next market is tomorrow; you may be able to find others to travel with as you search for a way to profit from your skills.

(Sketch and additional information: Taram al Abrall)

© Neil Thompson, heavily edited by JS.

Taram al Abrall

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